• Nash the Slash

    From Chicken Head to All on Fri Feb 1 17:57:43 2019
    So...Nash the Slash. Anyone familiar with him? Recently (in the last few years) deceased. Vastly under-rated.

    I only tuned into Nash's work in the last year, despite being Canadian and living in Ontario. Nash made his home in Toronto and toured around that.

    Nash was famously part of F.M., the original Canadian "prog rock" band from the 1970's. There are some great videos of FM on Youtube from that era, and before Nash donned the bandages. The youtube video of "Night Music" on TV Ontario has them playing "Phasors on Stun."

    Regardless, what strikes me about Nash is what he attempted to do musically..he was well trained in violin and mandolin but he insisted on trying to make electronic sounds using analog instruments...similar to what Tom Scholtz of "Boston" did and lately, what the band "Anomalous Disturbances" does. WAY ahead of his time.

    Being a Slacker subscriber I was surprised that some of Nash the Slash's albums are there...including the classic "Decomposing" which was meant to be played at different RPMs. It actually DOES sound different and unique at different speeds.

    I never had the opportunity to see the live Nash the Slash multimedia events, but many of them are on Youtube.
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