• Peter Blake

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    I have become aware of Peter Blake's (Sir Peter Blake) album Private Dawn. Who
    is Peter Blake? you might ask. He is supposedly the founder of the Pop Art movement before Andy Warhol, Peter Max etc. Although he is an old man now, he is still quite the prolific artist. He is best known for his iconic album covers, most notably the Beatles Sgt. Pepper album cover is Peter Blake's creation. But.... he made an album 20 years ago that is both ambient and jazz mixed and the critics lament that he is undecided... their loss our gain. I find his melodies and passages nicely constructed and haunting at times. He is
    a gifted pianist and therefore this is real music and not just the creation of an artist going off on a tangent. Go to Youtube and type in "The Traveller" by
    Peter Blake. This is the best song on the album but I am impressed by the others as well.

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