• Streaming Music Service Review Part One

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    Streaming Music Refugee Reviews Part One

    Posted on November 22, 2015

    Since rdio is bankrupt and no longer taking any new customers as of November
    23rd of 2015, I decided to take on a trial period subscription with
    Google. Because I am an owner of their Chromecast dongle, I was able to
    get a 90 day trial period which led me to consider them as a customer.

    I was happy that I got commercial free YouTube access as part of my
    subscription, but I realized the song library is radically reduced
    compared to rdio. You are not going to get the new Hurts album Surrender
    nor Kylie Minogue s deluxe version of her Christmas album on the
    streaming site compared to rdio. However not to complain much, Google
    does have some music that rdio did not carry such as indie musician Matt

    Also, the website format for Google Play Music All Access is not exactly
    user friendly or have the quality user interface rdio ever had as well.
    Its better to use All Access on a tablet or a smart phone.

    If Google and any other company wants to fight for rdio s former customers
    listen to our pleas so we can become your customers for years to come. If
    Google does not work out, I will likely review Apple Music in the near

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