• goodbye rdio, it was nice knowing you

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    Goodbye Rdio, It Was Nice Knowing You

    Inland Utopia | November 20, 2015

    I got into streaming music around four years ago. I have paid 5 bucks a
    month to enjoy countless music from rdio. Rdio was one of the forerunners
    who helped innovate the streaming music industry aside from Spotify.
    Losing two million dollars a month and relying only on venture capital
    funding can go so far for a company where they realized the business was
    not quite sustainable.

    It seems that streaming music will be a loss leader for companies such as
    Apple, Google and Microsoft where it will be more difficult for companies
    such as Pandora and Spotify to compete. The costs of licencing the music
    is one of the biggest costs for a business like this. I do appreciate the
    opportunity to try out music from different acts. The radio format that
    plays random tunes actually did lead me to buy some music from various
    bands as paid downloads which some musicians should understand.

    I know streaming music may not pay the money making music used to provide
    before the era of the mp3 and Napster, but we should be innovative so we
    can be pro-consumer and pro-producer of the art we enjoy.Perhaps we
    should do a paid stream where one pays 99 cents to stream a mid tier
    release and one gets a 1.29 credit to buy the whole release if they end
    up liking the release within a 24 hour window, and for a high tier
    release it would be 2.99, and then a 3.29 credit to buy a release such as
    Adele s 25. This could be one way that Adele and Taylor Swift could adapt
    to technology while still getting paid.

    I will be trying out Google, Apple and perhaps Spotify in the next few
    months to find my new home for streaming music.

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