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    Hello everybody!

    I have been a customer of Emusic for the last four years plus and I have an allotment for music downloads. Here are the sounds I chose for this months subscription.

    Their standard plan is 11.99 a month. This would get you at least two mid price
    albums or 1 deluxe album a month. I decided to pick up albums from Frankmusik and Goldfrapp.

    Frankmusik Between US

    This release is a stripped down collection of tunes that is made up of his electronic album Between. This stripped down collection shows how the songs were originally developed for his third album. Piano and vocals are the foundation for his sound. The skill of his piano playing and his vocals are quite good, its sad that many people have not been able to get to know the work
    of Vincent Turner (Frankmusik). But if you like good songwriting and instrumentation you should give him a chance. Listen to Between and Between US for a fuller perspective of the artistic talent.

    Goldfrapp Tales of US

    Allison Goldfrapp and her collaborator Will Gregory decided to take us to another ambient world instead of taking us to the dance floor. I personally like both worlds, but some like either or from their past releases. Songs are about individual characters to help provide a perspective in the stories in the
    songs. The album is so stripped down that many critics have criticized it for not having any flavor, but its close to an unplugged type format for many of the tracks.

    There are also two companion videos so far Drew and Annabel that are well done and are worth viewing that would give listeners a chance to experience some of the music.


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