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    Hello everybody!

    The Los Angeles Times has recently posted a story about how this one wealthy businessman has established a non commerical free form radio station in Arizona. The current culture of radio has poisoned many Americans interest in music radio. KCDX was how this wealthy businessman who also owns formula oriented radio stations kept the station as his private yet public paradise.

    Formula driven playlists get tired and annoying, take for example KCAL and KOLA
    in San Bernardino County. These radio stations play the same crap over and over
    where familiarity brings forth burnout. This is why I have been driven towards buying music and reading websites such as Popjustice and Arjanwrites to find out the real spirit of popular music.

    We need radio stations who have diverse playlists of different music, this is one way we can defeat the payola crisis the recording industry has faced. Maybe
    make it a requirement for radio stations to deadicate 1 hour a week to playing bands and musicians who have not charted on the Billboard charts under the 100th placing. It is unfortunate that the new Morrissey, Placebo and Goldfrapp have not been aired on KROQ compared to songs by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Matis Yahu who regularly get played on that station.

    I conclude that this is the reason that ipods regularly sell well. The ipod makes you the DJ and we have control over the playlist and format of the music we like the best.

    If you like new and vibrant music take the time to write and call your local radio stations. Your favorite bands need you.

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