• new feature

    From Karl Kunc@1:135/369 to g00r00 on Thu May 16 07:18:00 2013
    Do you think we can get a function to turn off all message bases in group
    in the scanned area sutup.? Like toggle all scanned bases to off. Some
    systems have half of them turned on by default and then you select a range 1-118 it will just toggle the yes to no and no to yes.

    |09|$D77─|CR |09Selection |01[|10##|01]|09,
    |01[|10##|01-|10##|01]|09, |15[|04T|15] |15{toggle all off} |01[|10?|01/|10List|01]|09, or |01[|10Q|01]|09uit: |XX

    --- Mystic/ACiD v1.10 A34 (Windows)
    * Origin: Piranha <ACiD> US Eastern Agora / piranha.acid.org (1:135/369)