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    From Matt Munson@1:218/109 to All on Sat Oct 6 13:00:41 2012

    Hello everybody!

    My sister convinced me to buy tickets to see Garbage in Highland. Tickets were around $39 plus fees. Ok, I thought until I went through the checkout process. I could understand the convenience charge and even the order processing charge.
    But should phone orders have a higher order processing charge than online orders? Then I was astonished to see that they want to sock it to the customer a third time with a new fee! It now costs money to send the tickets thru the USPS. I thought the order processing charge and the convenience charges would cover those expenses. It was around 4 bucks to mail the tickets, its not like they are going to send the tickets priority mail. It feels more like the ticket
    fee lawsuit when it dealt with the markup of UPS delivery fees. I ended up resorting to visiting the Latino oriented electronics store in Chino to pick up
    my tickets for a 3.00 fee instead. LAME

    I hope the venue at the San Manuel Theater considers a will call option in the future.


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