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    Hello everybody!

    Streaming music services have been a godsend for the recording industry in the age of piracy. Services such as Spotify, rdio and Mog Music give people a chance to sample hundreds of thousands of albums. Thanks to these services I was able to listen to music before buying the albums and I ended up buying many
    albums thanks to them.

    I understand that bands like Muse and Rush want people to buy the album, but people want to try before they buy. I recognize that acts only get a dime or two when music is streamed, but it is better than not receiving any money from piracy. There should be ways to encourage people to buy the album while allowing for an opportunity to sample an album. Perhaps the album can be serialized by having 1/4th of the release available to be streamed a week until
    the fourth week allowing people to listen to the whole product while still encouraging people to buy the album at the same time.

    Money is tight and allowing for a one month no streaming period for bands like Rush for the core fans to buy the album is agreeable. However if you want new people to consider your work it would be worth keeping it open to the streaming


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