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    Hello everybody.

    Little Infinity EP - Available Now

    In 1992, three school friends from Downpatrick decided to form a band.

    Fast-forward a couple of decades (AND 8 MILLION ALBUMS LATER) we land on the eve of Ash's 20th birthday, which will be celebrated with a party unlike any other!

    The band announced #ASH20 on the 15th June at the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast and 17th of June at The Relentless Garage in London. Both shows immediately sold out.

    To coincide with the #ASH20 celebrations the band release an EP of cover versions entitled "Little Infinity". The EP will be available to download from the band's website now and all digital download providers around the world on 16th June, the actual 20th anniversary.

    The EP will also be available as a 12" heavyweight vinyl limited to 500 numbered copies as a collaboration between the band's Atomic Heart Records and Canadian boutique vinyl label Noyes Records available exclusively from www.ashofficial.com. Tracklisting as follows;

    Side A.
    1. "Do You Wanna Dance"
    2. "Coming Around Again"
    3. "Lay All Your Love On Me"

    Side B.
    1. "Hello Goodbye"
    2. "Pledging My Love"
    3. "What Ever Happened?"
    4. "Teenage Wildlife"



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