• Hurts

    From Matt Munson@1:218/109 to All on Wed Nov 16 21:12:32 2011

    There is finally an official domestic USA/CAN release for the band Hurts, One year late, but better than never. For those of you who imported the album Happiness. You can download the individual tracks from the digital download stores (tracks 13-19) from the deluxe edition for less than $7.

    If you like OMD and the Pet Shop Boys you will like this album.

    This is my pick of the week.

    From Devotion, their collaboration with Kylie Minogue.
    The moving song of 'Blood Tears & Gold'.
    Another ballad of hope and love called 'Stay'.

    'Wonderful Life' and 'Better than love' are also winners.

    If electronic pop music that is lush is your call, give this a chance.

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