• New Anthrax.

    From Mark Hofmann@1:261/1304 to All on Wed Sep 21 20:14:20 2011

    Listening to the new Anthrax now.. Have not listened to it long enough to say one way or the other, but it is decent. I like Joey Belladonna, but do miss John Bush. I'm also checking out the 2010 Armored Saint (with John Bush), which sounds good. They have some incredible songs with him singing back in the day. I have some old videos of the old Armored Saint stuff.

    Many might not know this, but John Bush was very close to being the new lead vocalist for Metallica at one point.

    One of my favorite Armored Saint songs from the 80s is from the "Raising Fear" CD. The song is called "Isolation". Incredible vocals.. Wish I would have seen them live back then.

    - Mark

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