• Another Music Festival Is Needed for my hometown

    From Matt Munson@1:218/109 to All on Fri Dec 31 01:29:03 2010
    California Jam needs to return and become an annual tradition for my hometown. If the legendary All States Picnic can return after a generations long absence, California Jam needs to stage a comeback.

    California Jam was two 1970 era concert festivals at the former Ontario Motor Speedway which later became the Ontario Mills Shopping Mall. However, the Citizen's Bank Arena which is owned by the City of Ontario while being managed by leading facility manager and concert promoter AEG might be able to help with making things happen.

    Of course today we have Stage Coach and Coachella, in the Palm Springs area. However who wants to invest over 500 dollars for food, shelter, tickets and transportation costs when we could have a simple one day festival that would only cannibalize one thirds or less of that amount.

    I was thinking of a festival that would appeal to a broad audience where they could listen to over 8 hours plus worth of music for the price of a ticket to see an act such as U2 or The Killers. If the ticket was like $69 at the low end and $129 at the high end, it might be a success.

    But if we have a festival we want people to have choice. So maybe having the event at the convention center and the arena might be a better idea. We could have acts that traditionally play at the Glass House, the Echo and other leading concert venues play there with the exhibition halls, while the major acts would play at the citizens bank arena.

    Think of this as a mix between South by Southwest and Coachella.
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