• Hate crime over rap music

    From Matt Munson@1:218/109 to All on Wed Jul 28 23:16:50 2010
    Hate Crime Over Rap Music?
    -The Smoking Gun
    Teen attacker warned whites "shouldn't be listening to rap music"

    JULY 28--Declaring that white people "shouldn't be listening to rap music," a 14-year-old Florida boy allegedly assaulted a man Monday night in what police say was a racially-motivated attack. The teenager was arrested after he allegedly struck the 22-year-old victim, who is white, in the face. According to a Palm Bay Police Department report, a copy of which you'll find below, the victim was on a sidewalk listening to rap music when he was confronted by the boy and other teenagers. The suspect told the man to turn off his music, adding that he was "white and he shouldn't be listening to rap music." When the victim replied that he "could listen to whatever he wants," the suspect "repeatedly" punched him in the face. Though "other black juvenile males and females...attempted to get involved in the dispute," the victim fled "before any further battery could occur." The man sustained a swollen left eye during the assault, cops reported. The teen attacker gave a fake name when initially approached by cops, but was later identified by his mother. The boy was arrested and booked into Brevard County's juvenile detention facility for misdemeanor battery and giving cops a false name. However, if the incident is determined to be racially motivated, the battery charge could be elevated to a felony via a so-called hate-crime enhancement. (2 pages)
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  • From Greg Goodwin@1:123/789 to Matt Munson on Mon Aug 2 21:19:31 2010
    Craziness. Everyone can listen to whatever he or she wants to.

    Granted punching the other guy in the face was extreme and uncalled for.

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