• Desert Island death.

    From Steve Kemp@1:123/789 to All on Thu May 13 03:07:28 2010

    What I wouldn't want on my Island!

    -Anything by Madonna...sorry, it's off the island!

    -Ratt...OUTTA HERE!

    -Bonnie Raight (Shit, I can't even spell her name)...GONE!

    -Bono...I'd slit his forkin' throat!
    (although if he came with U-2 he can live)

    -I wanna have sex with Tim Curry (but only 25 years ago!)
    and I'm not gay, I swear!

    -Is Joan Jett a man?

    Yep, I'm the Atheist. I'm chock full of Ath!

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