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    From Matt Munson@1:218/109 to All on Sat Apr 10 18:05:16 2010
    Right now for March and April this is what I am into.

    Goldfrapp - Head First
    if you like 80s pop music, you will like Head First. With songs such as
    Rocket, and Alive you will wish it was 1984 again.
    I honestly like the track I want a life.

    And my other favorite choice is the Bird and the Bee - a tribute to Hall and Oates. A covers album, it sounds so cliched, but when their vocalist in this duo is pregant, it sounds like the best thing to do to keep visiblity for
    the time being. So many Hall and Oates classics in this album that should be classified as an EP. 29 minutes at full price, You will most likely say I
    can't go for that. However visit lala.com and listen to the album at least
    once you will like it.
    Rich girl, kiss on my list, maneater, one on one, private eyes. 8 of their
    best songs are covered in the style of the band.
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