• Review! Little Boots - Hands

    From thinktank@1:218/109 to Fidonet.Music on Thu Oct 29 10:57:03 2009
    Unfortunately not released in North America, I had to buy an import copy
    of this recent electro album called Hands, by the solo act Little Boots.

    There are many good songs in this album, but as what many critics said
    she utilized too many chefs in this project, there is no one consistent
    sound in this release.

    Most songs excellent, but I get a chuckle about the song mathematics, it
    is not about the struggle of learning about math, but its more about
    love like 1+1=2.

    The singles off "Hands" are great such as New In Town, Earthquake and
    Remedy, but the non-singles are swell. Such as Tune into my heart,
    Mathematics and the duet with Phil Oakley Symmetry.

    If you like pre 1992 Depeche Mode, Erasure and the Human League you will
    like this album.

    Hands - ú5.98 at amazon.co.uk
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