• Dragonette

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    Dragonette is a British/Canadian electro-pop band. They have released their

    second album fixing to thrill, a twelve song set of new tunes. In today's music

    scene they gave up their major label music deal and gone independent and they

    would like you to listen to some of their songs and hope you attend one of

    their shows or buy a download of their new album.

    Fixin to Thrill is the first single off the album, which shows the new style

    compared to their first album "Galore", they say the album is a bit more upbeat

    and rocking.

    Galore might have the ballads, but they saved the ballads for the end of the

    album, however for six dollars you can not go wrong with Dragonette. Gone too

    Far is electro meets line dancing. Pick up the phone reminds me of a classic

    80s pop song where the band filmed a video reminencing of being back in high


    There is something for everyone in Fixing to Thrill and the band wants to

    thrill you!


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