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    From mmunson@1:218/109 to All on Mon Oct 26 21:05:19 2009
    I guess there is still room to talk about the music we all like or recently


    This is what I got in my amiestreet.com shopping cart:

    She Wants Revenge: Up and Down (EP) 5 songs by this electronic rock band, after

    doing music inspired by Depeche Mode and New Order they decide to go to the

    style of Prince and Michael Jackson.

    Unicorn Kid - Wee Monsters (2 songs) more 8bit influenced music by this Scotish


    Frankmusik- Frankisum (EP) its his demo album he made before he got a record

    deal which has original versions of songs he later used for his major label

    debut, i thought it was not out yet in the USA, but it was. However I will buy

    it later.

    MEN - Limited Edition Demo - fun electro dance music from one of the members of

    Le Tigre.

    Not bad for $6.36 for 15 tracks

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