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    Hello everybody.

    Hello... I would like to speak about Sparks.

    Sparks is a band of brothers who been around since 1971. Their musical style varies throughout the times, but they have carried on a musical legacy with their twenty one releases. With number twenty one, we have exotic creatures of the deep.

    The main songs of notice are Good Morning, which helps remind past listeners of
    their style. However Sparks does try to go electro with their Kylie inspired parody "I cant believe you would fall for all this crap in this song", which rivals the long arsed title from the Pet Shop Boys of "I dont know what you want, but I can not give it anymore". However one of the funniest tracks is "Let the monkey drive", which is probally the inspiration for the monkey on the
    album cover. It reminds me of a possible Tim Burton type film with the concept of the song where the monkey was driving on highway one in southern california.

    However Sparks is not without some ironic songs like "Ive never been high" and their tribute to one of their biggest celeberty fans Morrisey, where fans thought it was an insult to their idol. however the band assures its about a man's girlfriend wished he could be just as good as morrisey.

    Listen to some of their stuff on Youtube or the thirty second highlights of the
    tracks you will not reget doing so.

    Avaliable via your leading paid download store.



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