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    From Matt Munson@1:218/109 to All on Sun Dec 23 17:01:34 2007
    Hello everybody.


    I found a bargain on itunes, its a cd by Jimmy Sommerville, that guy with a real high voice who used to be in Bronski Beat and the Communards, for $5.99 you get 11 tracks of interesting pop and dance type music. The cover may be a bit kitchy, but if you want album art that doesnt annoy your straight insecurities, then visit amazon.com for the $8.99 edition with a different piece of art work.

    Since I like the style of music, it was worth buying. Songs like Here I am, which open up the collection gives an opereatic start for the song. But most songs are average to excelent in my view. Soul filled with songs like Dark Sky,
    the hinrg of Something to live for, the Swing out Sister/Basia type sound of This Must Be Love. There is something for all in "Manage the Damage".



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