• 11/6's new releases

    From Matt Munson@1:218/109 to All on Mon Nov 5 23:18:26 2007
    Hello everybody.

    For those interested in what new music is coming out here you go.

    6 November Tuesday
    Angels and Airwaves I-Empire
    Demon Hunter Storm the Gates of Hell
    Rob Garza Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation
    Jay-Z American Gangster
    Infamous Mobb Reality Rap
    Monster Magnet 4-Way Diablo
    Nas [Title TBA] Greatest Hits
    Saga 10,000 Days
    Sigur Ros Hvarf/Heim

    also the new Celine Dion cd, but my computer crashed as soon as I tried to stream it off AOL.com during the free music streaming section.


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