• Ladytron

    From "Matt Munson" @1:218/109 to All on Sat Aug 25 12:05:00 2007

    Since I am going to see the Pet Shop Boys and Ladytron at the Hollywood
    Bowl next month, I decided to purchase another of Ladytron's releases
    entitled Light and Magic. Sometimes it is fun to listen to a musical act
    while having the material fresh to you such as when I saw Depeche Mode play stuff from their Exciter record. However I like to know what I am getting
    into before I invest my time.

    I find the synths more upbeat compared to Witching Hour, their current
    release. However if you like electronic popular music, I recommend Light and Magic before you consider Witching Hour.

    My favorite tracks are seventeen, "They only want you when you are
    seventeen, but when you are twenty-one you are no fun" And Evil.

    Ignorance and prejudice rise fear hand in hand...

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