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    I recently bought a copy of Darren Hayes third solo cd This delicate thing we've made, it's a double disc epic of 25 tracks running just under two
    hours. Its not the typical music that most Americans think that Darren has
    made under his time with Savage Garden.

    It has a time travel theme with most of the tracks where the artist is
    trying to be introspective about his past, present and future. If you like
    the ballads of his past, the progressive rock type epic tunes of Peter
    Gabriel and Kate Bush and a bit of modern electronica. You will be in for a treat.

    Darren felt that he needed to be broken from his original record label
    because he wanted to make music that was true to his heart without the songwriters who turn out songs for dozens of musicians and singers. A self indulgent two disc album is something a major record label would not want
    most of their acts to put out on the shelves.

    Many critics have said that the songs would fare better under one disc, but even with several filler tracks the album is meant to stand for itself. Disc 1's highlights are "Who Would Have Thought", which is accompanied with an impressive flash music video on his website about relationships and how the bond between two people can be special. "Listen All You People", is his
    tribute to inclusion and respect among all people across religions
    ethnicities, and orientations. While "Bombs Up In My Face" may not impress people who have conservative sensibilities the ode to Prince with his funk style track about politics and culture brings up some energy up on disc 1.

    Next post will discuss disc 2 and my overall impression about his new cd.

    Ignorance and prejudice rise fear hand in hand...

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