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    From Kevin Nunn@1:397/10 to All on Fri Jun 8 10:01:06 2007
    A few weeks ago I did something I haven't done in a good while, ordered
    me some new CDs! :) I also ordered a Megadeth DVD, but I haven't gotten
    around to watching it yet. That time might come this weekend.

    I got Megadeth's new United Abomination CD. I haven't really listened to
    it alot yet, but I am glad to say it is typical Dave Mustaine style
    music. Heavy sound, laden with double bass drum kicks, sticato <sp>
    heavey guitar, solid solos and Dave's signature voice. It is very
    refreshing to hear that style of music again.

    The main reason the Megadeth CD hasn't gotten much play is due to the
    other CD I purchased... It got ALOT of air time. Here is a "review" I
    posted on my myspace blog about the CD.

    In the last few weeks I finally spent a bit of money and got me some new
    Prog Rock (Progessive Rock) CDs to listen to. My Dream Theater and
    Spock's Beard Cds were getting worn out, so I decided it was time for
    something fresh. So, I ordered two Neal Morse CD's. Neal Morse was the
    front man for Spock's Beard for several years and now has ventured out
    on his own after he became a Christian. I have always been amazed at
    Spock's Beard's work and this new stuff from Neal is just plain amazing.

    I ordered his "?" CD and his "Sola Scriptura". "?" is great and it got
    alot of time in my CD player. But now that "Sola Scripture" has arrived,
    it is getting non-stop air play in my car, my home, my mp3 player, at
    work. etc :) With a total of 4 tracks on the CD, it's a rollercoaster
    ride through the history of Christianity, mainly the about the life of
    Martin Luther for whom the album is named.

    He employees the masterful drummer Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater and
    Paul Gilbert on guitar from RacerX and Mr. Big. His bass player is
    amazing as well and what is neat about his bass player, is that he is
    not really a bass player, but a guitar player for another Christian
    band, go figure :). Neal's amazing talent for composing and arranging
    music really stands out in Sola Scriptura. It's very inspirational,
    yet very groovey and addicting with some really complicated stuff in
    it. Never a dull moment! There is a fan that has a website here on my
    space for him at http://www.myspace.com/nealmorse. You can also check
    out http://www.nealmorse.com/ . If you are into progessive music, this
    is a must have!

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