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    From Matt Munson@1:275/89 to All on Sun Apr 1 15:02:46 2007

    Spring, the arrival of new growth and new music as well. The Los Angeles Times in their Calendar section overlooked many critical music releases that people may have found of interest. Inland Utopia decides to correct the injustice by listing some of the good titles upcoming. I understand they had space considerations, but to help out the music industry I wanted to advertise some of the latest music coming soon.


    Tracey Thorn- "Out of the Woods" - Everything but the girl vocalist release her first solo disc in 25 years. (March 20)


    Client- "Heartland" British electronic pop female trio delivers the goods with their third release. (April 10)

    Marillion- "Somewhere Else" Listen for yourself on their website and make your mind up, chances will end up you will have them taking you Somewhere Else. (April 10)

    Porcupine Tree- "Black Planet" Steven Wilson and his band bring forth melodic progressive rock and metal fusion in this upcoming collection. (April 24)


    Rush- "Snakes and Arrows" Rush returns after five years with their next studio album with a theme of religiosity in America with a hard rock sound. (May 1)

    Erasure- "Light at the end of the world" After singer Andy Bell released his solo record Electric Blue, it gave him and keyboardist Vince Clarke inspiration to make a more upbeat collection of tunes. (May 22)


    Dream Theater- "Systematic Chaos" With a new record label the band returns to give fans the elements of what has made them popular through the years. (TBA)

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