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    Message received ... Echo updated ...

    Music Unlimited
    Music Unlimited is for the friendly discussion of music
    of any and all types. All are welcome here, however, English
    is the primary language of this echo.
    Status: Active
    Origin: 1:18/200 Group: FIDO
    Distribution: Fidonet only, except listed gates. No newsgroups!
    Gateways: Prior Permission Required
    # Nodes: N/A Volume: 10/mo Rules: MUSIC.RUL
    Flags: <Real Names Only> [Has Rules]
    Notes: /REAL
    Moderators: Sean Dennis, 1:18/200, sean@outpostbbs.net
    Last changed: 29-Jul-2006 by Sean_Dennis, 1:18/200, sean@outpostbbs.net

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