• The Muffin Echo

    From Marc Lewis@1:396/45.1 to All on Wed Mar 7 00:05:57 2012
    Hello All!

    MUFFIN - The Maximus Support Echo
    Moderator - Joe_Davis, 1:261/1500

    1 - This echo is for MAXIMUS support. Messages posted here should
    pertain to Maximus and related utilities. Discussions that start
    to lean more toward Squish, MEX/MECCA scripts or 3rd party
    software should be continued in one of these echoes:

    - TUB, the Squish echo.
    - MECCA, the MEX/MECCA scripts echo.
    - MAXDEV, development of/support for 3rd party Max/Squish utils.

    English is the language of this echo.

    2 - When someone posts a message requesting help, please try to be as
    helpful and accurate as possible.

    3 - This echo is restricted to sysops (or soon to be sysops) only.
    It may not be made generally available to your users.

    4 - Please use your real name when posting here. If you aren't sure,
    check your birth certificate.

    5 - Avoid creating unneeded traffic. Here's a list of basic "No-no's":

    No: BBS ads, 'test' messages, "where are you from" chains, multiple
    tearlines, replies to off-topic messages, encrypted messages, PGP
    sigs, multiline sigs or taglines, playing moderator (unless you -are-
    the moderator), additional headers/footers in messages, hi-ascii/ascii
    "artwork" (we really -don't- care to see it), uuencoded files, or
    huge amounts of over-quoting.

    ("high-bit" ASCII characters are permitted ONLY in the context of
    demonstrating something directly related to Maximus or a related
    util. Other uses are not allowed. ANSI is -never- allowed.)

    If a program (reader, tagline mgr, etc.) is adding a lot of extra
    junk to messages, please don't use it here. (The moderator will
    decide what's "extra junk", and let you know.)

    "Internet-style" signatures are -greatly- unwelcome, as well as
    listing every email account or FTN-type address you have.
    Leave it out, please. One -short- line is an "acceptable" signature.

    Please, do not use a "shotgun" approach to posting, cc'ing a message
    to all Maximus-related echoes. Pick the one echo that applies to
    your topic, and post the message only in that one.

    6 - Please, limit quoting in your replies. (If you're quoting more than
    a couple lines, you're probably quoting too much.) Never quote tag/
    tear/origin lines.

    7 - "OS Bashing" is stupid, and not welcome here. Don't do it. Period.
    This also means, leave your cutesy "OS put-down" tag/origin lines
    out of this echo. (Grow up, ok?)

    8 - Rules of Common Courtesy apply at -all- times. If you want to argue
    with, or complain to someone, do it elsewhere. Play nice!

    9 - File announcements are allowed by authors of utilities directly
    related to the topic of this echo. You are also encouraged to help
    others find programs they may need. When doing so, please include
    filenames, and what restrictions (if any) you have on file requests.
    In the case of files via HTTP or FTP, *try* to include the URL (and
    directory if needed) of the file as well.

    10 - This echo may not be gated (in or out) to any other FTN-style network,
    or the internet, without without prior permission of the moderator.
    Authorized gates will be published in the ELIST*.* listing for this

    Changes will be made to this list as needed. Your input is welcome via netmail. (Arguing about moderator decisions/rules is not welcome in the echo... again, please use netmail.)

    Thanks for using the MUFFIN echo!

    Best regards,

    --- timEd 1.10.y2k+
    * Origin: Sursum Corda! BBS SysOp Point (1:396/45.1)