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    From Sampsa Laine@2:250/7 to All on Sat Oct 29 22:54:29 2016
    Hi Guys,

    First of all, let me say that I'm a HUGE fan of MBSE, have been for literally for almost as long as I've been playing with UNIX BBSing (early 90s onwards).

    Anyway, I posted a bug report a while ago and was wondering if anyone
    took a look at it?

    TL;DWR: The bug is at https://sourceforge.net/p/mbsebbs/tickets/9/ (ticket
    damn it, I WANTED A PRIME NUMBER :P) and my more indepth explanatin of the problems I encountered are here:

    Not sure if you guys still read this echo but I'm running MBSE 1.0.6 and I
    can across a few bug and ssome minor inconveniences in the compilation

    I. There are some places in the code where a pointer is case to an int.
    This DOES NOT work on certain platform, zLinux being one of them with
    32-bit ints and 64-bit pointer.

    For example, this is potentially dangerous:

    filelist.c:496:3: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size
    [-Wpointer-to-int-cast (unsigned int)tmpf->flofp, (unsigned int)tmpf->floff);

    Luckily there are only TWO of these bugs in the whole codebase, maybe
    leftover from the everything-is-32-bit era?

    II. If certain #ifdefs do not recognise the CPU, naturally the code doesn't know to call it and what the signal names on that platform are. IMHO this
    could be solved by either:

    - Having an #elseif, throwing a #warning about unsupported CPU and
    the signal name array to some sensible default (I used x86, have no issues)


    - Passing in a -DCPU_OVERRIDE_ID="FooProc" and -DUSE_SIGNALS="SomeOtherCpu",
    and instructing the user todo this.

    My suggestions as to fixes?

    I. Never cast a pointer to an int or vice versa. This occurrs exactly TWICE
    in your code base, filelist.c:496 and ftn2rfc.c:308 so not a huge fix I

    II. Dropping necessary(IMHO) #error's if the CPU is "not one of the above"

    In a number of places, the code does a #ifdef to determne the CPU type and whilst I'm impressed by the number of platform supported IBM S/390 and/or z/Series aren't represented (not that I'm surprised, I'm probably the only person in the world running MBSE on any kind of zLinux.

    Anyway instead of #error'ing out of the whole compile, I changed the bits
    which are CPU sensitive to instead throw a #warn "Unknown CPU, assuming IBM S/390" [of course this should probablysay some differnet].

    So from lib/strutil.c:399:2: error: #error "Unknown CPU" I do:

    File: lib/strutil.c, starting at line 398>

    398: #else
    399: #warning "Unknown CPU - defaulting to IBM S/390"
    400: return (char *)"IBM S/390";
    401: #endif
    402: }

    I did these/similar changes to these files:


    (I just used the signal name array for x86, not ideal but I really didn't
    have the time to look up the exact Debian/s390x versions - this shouldn't be too strenuous)

    Again you could do this with a -DCPU_OVERRIDE_ID="FooProc" type flag if you don't think an #elseif is a good idea.


    On the plus side, I've been running MBSE 1.0.6 on Debian/s390x for months at
    a time without a problem, so nothing too vital seems to be broken.

    I would however suggest that you look into those void*<->int casts because
    that could break on other platforms as well..
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