• LordStat v2.20 is released

    From Donald Tidmore@1:261/38 to All on Wed Nov 28 00:46:44 2007
    If you use LordStat, the new version 2.20 is now officially released. You can get a copy from these sources so far. Castle Camelot web-site's Lordapps.htm web-page; Camelot LordNews FDN site's LordFile directory; and the BBS Archives
    site's Lord_Utils web-page.

    http:/www.filegate.net/camelot/lordfile/lordst22.zip http://camelot.legendarydragons.com/LordApps/lordst22.zip

    This version is certified with use with all versions of DOS LORD from v3.55 through v4.08 beta, and with v4.07 beta and v4.08 beta of LORD/32. Since I do not use OS/2 or Linux, I do not support those versions of LORD.

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