• Iniquity, DOSEmu and door games.

    From j b l@1:154/10 to All on Sat Aug 22 18:37:47 2015

    I set up a DOSEmu-based Iniquity BBS. And for some reason certian door games will not run properly. LORD II, USURPER, LORE and SAGE are the doors i'm having problems with. Anyone else have these issues with DOSEmu? And know a solution?

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  • From Kurt Weiske@1:218/700 to j b l on Sun Aug 23 07:10:00 2015
    j b l wrote to All <=-

    I set up a DOSEmu-based Iniquity BBS.

    Is it telnettable? I'd love to take a look at Iniquity.

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