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    From Daryl Stout@1:19/33 to Bill Gordon on Thu Dec 20 19:55:29 2012

    There seems to no incoming or outgoing mail.

    Well, I guess there is after all....

    Well, I got it here in Arkansas, FWIW. <G>

    On another note, hope your medical stuff went well. We had
    severe weather in the state overnight, including 2 tornadoes,
    and several reports of wind damage. At one time, over 45,000
    Arkansans were without power, and many traffic lights around
    the area today were out, with winds still gusting near 50 mph.

    None of my family or myself lost power, though...we were
    some of the lucky ones. However, I had the BBS down during the
    storms last night...as we did get some nearby lightning strikes.


    ... Tonight's Forecast: Dark, with scattered light by sunrise.
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