• IREX Quirk?

    From Marc Lewis@1:396/45 to All on Tue Nov 27 00:17:44 2012
    Hello All.

    Recently I have had occasional trouble with IRex's POP3 server talking to my e-mail clients. Here's a snippet from the current log:


    * 02:10:13 (9) Incoming connnection from router.bbsgroup (
    {wrapped} on 11/24/12.
    ] 02:10:13 (9) +OK Internet Rex POP3 server ready <2201.1353744613@mailserv>
    = 02:10:13 (9) CAPA
    ] 02:10:13 (9) CAPA
    = 02:10:13 (9) APOP Postmaster xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    02:10:13 (9) User Postmaster logged in.
    ] 02:10:13 (9) +OK Mailbox locked and loaded.
    ! 02:10:13 (9) Connection closed: remote dropped the connection.


    Those "CAPA" lines get picked up as an error by the email client and it drops the connection. A second try will /usually/ succeed. But this is still curious in that it has not happened with this particular email client ever in the past. (The Bat! Professional 5.1) And it's not only from one computer; the
    one at my job (with the same version of The Bat! has been running into this quirk recently. Certain other clients ALWAYS get this error (specifically Thunderbird and Outlook/Outlook express when using straight password log-in - not APOP - Outlook and its kin are incapable of APOP password negotiation.)

    Has anyone else seen this and does anyone know the root cause? This is where Charles would be really handy to have in the echo. ;(

    Best regards,

    --- timEd/2 1.10.y2k+
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