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    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to All on Mon Feb 13 17:22:00 2023
    The 100 million user milestone - ChatGPT.

    ChatGPT just crossed the 100 million monthly active user (MAU) mark.

    Last month, ChatGPT broke records by getting to one million users in just five days after its launch. For context, this is something that took Instagram two and a half months to do. It took Twitter two years to hit one million users. And it took Netflix three and half years before it attracted a million users.

    So ChatGPT blew everybody out of the water on that metric.

    ChatGPT gets to 100 million users in just two months.

    This is the fastest software application adoption in history. Even Instagram took two and a half years to attract 100 million users.

    Of course, there are immense implications here.

    Just last week, OpenAI launched its $20 a month subscription program for ChatGPT.

    Microsoft now owns somewhere around 75% of OpenAI.

    I've watched a few YT vids about it and what it looks like. Seems interesting. It also seems that if could replace Google searches for info.

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