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    An oldie.. but may still be worth comparing it to 2022.

    "The top hacking techniques of 2015 and how they work
    "Posted by Jamie Boote on Monday, December 14, 2015

    [1] Reflected file download (RFD)

    Let's say that one morning you wake up and try to print some
    last minute work notes out on your home printer. Without luck,
    you decide to re-install the print driver. While browsing the
    Internet, looking for a driver, you find that someone has
    linked to a file on a forum that may suit your needs. As a good
    internet user, you check where the link really leads and find
    that it does point to a legitimate site. You click and run the
    file; however, your computer is compromised and an attacker
    gets in. What happened?

    [2] Autonomous carjacking

    After getting tricked into downloading a file you shouldn't
    have, you're already late for work. During your drive, without
    warning, the AC turns up to full blast, the radio begins
    playing, and the transmission stops transmitting power. Your
    car just got hacked.

    This is the new reality of ever-smarter cars. As cars stop
    resembling the mechanical carriages of years past and start
    looking more and more like fly-by-wire fighter aircraft, more
    and more systems are controlled by computers. With cars acting
    as mobile hotspots, the barrier to unauthorized entry is
    lowered dramatically. What happened?

    [3] The POODLE attack

    After somehow regaining control of your car, you drive into the
    nearest coffee spot and reflect on how it was once illegal to
    send encryption technology outside US borders. While there, you
    find that your prepaid coffee card doesn't have enough funds.
    As you sip your grande caffé mocha macchiato half soy quarter
    skim quarter 2% extra grande double vanilla pump no-whip
    coffeestrocity, you open your smart phone to top-off your
    prepaid card. You check that the site is HTTPS enabled and the
    connection is encrypted before you enter your username and
    password. Now that you've got your caffeine fix, you're ready
    to go about your day.

    Later on, you decide to double check your coffee card balance
    just to make sure the transaction went through and find that
    you have not only topped off your own card, but five or six
    others. What happened?

    [4] After being exploited three times in one day..

    ..you decide you have had enough and you shut down your
    computer, unplug your modem, remove the battery from your cell
    phone, disconnect your fridge from Twitter, delete your cat's
    Facebook account, trade your smart watch for a dumb one, wrap
    your house in tinfoil, and turn on your old tube TV. On the
    news, the anchor is talking about recent hacks that have
    compromised your health insurance company, your cell company,
    government agencies, and a particular scandalous website that
    you never heard of until it was breached. What happened?

    COMPLETE article:

    https://www.synopsys.com/blogs/software-security/top-hacking- techniques-of-2015/



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