• Net Neutrality is being gutted: you can help

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    Subject: Net Neutrality is being gutted: you can help
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    The last time that CISPA was going around, people took a stand, with solidarity, in protesting it, with an internet-wide blackout day. It showed the users of the internet at large what it would look like if content were to be censored for whatever reasons that ISPs see fit.
    This time around the problem is Net Neutrality being gutted. Again,
    there is to be a day of solidarity with other sys/net-admins, content hosters, and people with any sort of online applications, pages, or configurable profiles.
    The 10th is the day that the 'Internet Slowdown' will take effect, in
    order to protest what will happen if ISPs have the ability to legally boost the speed of commercial services, and to slow those for unpaid content, or politically undesirable content, to a crawl.
    Please consider visiting https://www.battleforthenet.com/sept10th/ and maybe even adding the script or image snippet to the header (or elsewhere)
    in your page in order to stand with solidarity for freedom of internet content.
    Also, if you care enough, sharing this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for your time and consideration on this important issue.

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