• WinAmp

    From Nightfox@1:340/400 to Mro on Thu Jun 5 12:43:58 2014
    aol bought winamp in 1999
    winamp was bought out last year by some belgian company.

    the winamp.com site and all the files were announced to be taken down by aol, but that never happened.

    I saw the announcement last year that AOL was going to stop developing WinAmp and take the files down - I was disappointed because I've been using WinAmp since around 1997 or 1998 and still use it occasioanlly. I didn't realize WinAmp had been bought by a Belgian company. At least someone still owns it, and hoepfully they'll continue to do development work on it. It has a
    somewhat annoying bug right now where it stays in memory even after you close the window, so you have to go to the task manager and kill it. After
    searching online, it seems that happens for many WinAmp users..


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