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    Title: Full English Farmer's Breakfast
    Categories: Pork, Eggs, Breads, Beans
    Yield: 1 Serving

    2 Cumberland sausages
    2 sl Smoked bacon
    2 lg Eggs
    Mushrooms; sliced
    1 md Tomato; halved
    Tin of baked beans
    2 sl Bread
    Black pudding; sliced
    2 c Hashed brown potatoes;
    - cooked
    Cooking oil
    Brown sauce (look for HP
    - brown sauce)

    Slice the mushrooms thinly. Then slice the black pudding
    into rounds of about 1.5cm. Cut the tomato in half.

    Empty the tin of beans into a saucepan. Don't use a micro
    wave as this takes a lot of the liquid and taste away.

    Grill the sausages, bacon and halved tomato to suit your
    taste. In England, there are many schools of thought on
    what is the best way for bacon to be cooked, but I prefer
    it to be lightly grilled.

    Add a little oil into a frying pan and fry off the black
    pudding and mushrooms together. They are ready when the
    mushrooms turn a golden brown. Move these into a heat proof
    dish and place in the bottom of your oven to keep warm.

    Start to gently simmer the pan of baked beans - Don't over
    cook them as they will go hard.

    Add more oil into the pan (around 2 tb) and place a round of
    bread in and fry until golden brown - repeat for the second
    slice and then keep warm.

    Next, fry 2 eggs to suit your taste. In England, we only fry
    one side and love them to be runny.

    Finally, serve everything on the plate together, make a nice
    cup of English Breakfast Tea (yes, its a tea bag, and yes we
    add milk), shake a dash of salt over your plate, and a squirt
    of brown sauce.

    "I was hungry this morning and found this website. I thought
    I'd share what is know throughout England as THE breakfast of
    choice. Traditionally the breakfast of farmers, lorry drivers
    (truckers) and tradesmen / builders but it is now served in
    most hotels, restaurants, cafes and even PUBS!

    The ingredients are optional, but these are my preferences.

    Mr Breakfast would like to thank Anonymous Breakfast Lover
    for this recipe.

    From: http://www.mrbreakfast.com

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