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    Title: Salmon w/Garlic Butter & Tomato Pasta
    Categories: Seafood, Vegetables, Pasta, Herbs
    Yield: 4 servings

    4 (5 oz ea) skin-on salmon
    - fillets; patted dry
    1 pt Cherry or other small
    - tomatoes
    1 1/2 tb Extra-virgin olive oil
    Salt & black pepper
    3 tb Unsalted butter
    5 cl Garlic; fine chopped or
    - grated
    3 Basil sprigs; + 1/2 c torn
    - leaves
    8 oz Angel hair pasta

    Place a rack in the upper third of the oven and heat the
    broiler to high. On a foil-lined sheet pan, coat the
    salmon and tomatoes with the olive oil and season with
    salt and pepper. Arrange the salmon skin side up. Broil
    until the tomatoes are blistered and the salmon’s skin
    is crisp and flesh flakes easily with a fork, 6 to 10
    minutes. Halfway through broiling, check on the sheet
    pan: If the tomatoes are burning, give them a stir. If
    the salmon skin is burning - congrats, you have a
    powerful broiler! - move the rack to the center of the
    oven and keep cooking.

    Meanwhile, in a large skillet, melt 2 tablespoons butter
    over medium-high. Add the garlic and stir until
    fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. Add 3 cups water, 11/2
    teaspoons Diamond Crystal salt, the basil sprigs and a
    generous sprinkling of black pepper. Bring to a boil.
    Add the pasta, breaking the noodles in half if they
    don’t fit in the skillet. Cook over medium-high, tossing
    often with tongs or a fork, until the pasta is al dente,
    5 to 8 minutes. It’s OK if the water isn’t completely
    absorbed, but if the skillet looks dry, without any
    liquid on the bottom of the skillet, add a few
    tablespoons of water. If the pasta is done before the
    salmon, remove from heat and cover to keep warm.

    When the salmon and tomatoes are out of the oven,
    transfer the salmon to plates, skin side up, to rest.
    Remove the basil sprigs from the pasta, then add the
    remaining tablespoon of butter to the pasta and toss
    until melted and glossing the noodles. Add the tomatoes,
    any juices from the sheet pan and the basil leaves to
    the pasta and stir just once to combine. Season to taste
    with salt and pepper. Serve the salmon alongside the

    By: Ali Slagle

    Yield: 4 servings

    RECIPE FROM: https://cooking.nytimes.com

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