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    Title: Warm Roasted Vegetable Salad w/Feta
    Categories: Vegetables, Cheese, Herbs, Fruits
    Yield: 2 servings

    2 Fresh beetroots; trimmed,
    - peeled, in chunks,
    2 lg Carrots; cut in lengths then
    - halved
    1 lg Red onion; in chunks
    6 Vine tomatoes,
    1/2 Bulb of garlic
    60 g Crumbled quality organic
    - feta cheese
    2 lg Handfuls rocket leaves
    2 tb (heaped) pomegranate seeds
    2 Sprigs fresh rosemary
    Sea salt flakes & black
    - pepper
    Extra virgin olive oil; to
    - drizzle

    Set the oven @ 180ºC/360ºF (fan) and line a baking tray
    with foil. Place all the vegetables onto the tray and
    the garlic in the centre. Lay over the rosemary.

    Season well with sea salt and pepper. Drizzle over with
    the extra virgin olive oil. Bake in the oven on the top
    shelf for 30-40 minutes. Remove from the oven once the
    veg is beautifully glistening and slightly charred at
    the edges. Squeeze out the soft caramalised cloves of
    garlic from the skin of the bulb.

    Serve up the salad by first layering on some rocket
    leaves, followed by the roast veg and a few soft garlic
    cloves, then crumbling over some feta and the
    pomegranate seeds. Serve whilst still warm.


    Natalie Marten, Birmingham, Engkland, UK

    Makes: 2 servings

    RECIPE FROM: https://cookpad.com

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