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    Title: Broccoli & Cheese Soup
    Categories: Soups, Vegetables, Cheese, Dairy
    Yield: 8 Servings

    3 tb Butter
    1/2 c Celery; fine dice
    1/2 c Onion; diced
    1/4 c Carrots; fine dice
    2 tb Fresh parsley; minced
    1/4 c + 2 tb A-P flour
    3 c Chicken broth
    2 c Milk
    1/3 c Half & Half
    1/2 lb KRAFT Velveeta; in small
    - cubes
    1/2 lb Sharp Cheddar; shredded
    1/2 ts Worcestershire sauce
    10 oz Chopped broccoli, thawed,
    - squeezed dry

    Melt butter in a 3 qt saucepan. Add celery, onion,
    carrots and parsley; saute until vegetables are tender.
    Stir in flour, cook about one minute; do not brown the

    Gradually add chicken broth, milk, and half and half.
    Use a wire whip to stir while mixture comes just to the
    boiling point. Stir in Velveeta cheese, Cheddar cheese,
    Worcestershire sauce, drained broccoli, and salt to
    taste. Remove from heat.

    Makes 8 cups.

    Recipe: Chili's Restaurant based in Dallas

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