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    Title: Dirty Dave's Chilli Popcorn
    Categories: Five, Snacks
    Yield: 1 Batch

    1/4 c Chilli oil/grease *
    1 c Unpopped popcorn

    * The orange oil you spoon off of your chilli that is
    excess to the needs of a good bowl of red. Save it in
    the icebox until needed. When it has cooled/set up it's
    "grease". Bv)=

    Melt the chilli oil in the popping vessel. **

    When the grease is hot enough (350ºF/175ºC or more) add
    the unpopped kernels of popcorn. Shake pan occasionally
    to prevent sticking and burning.

    When popping has stopped pour into a bowl or paper bag,
    add salt to taste and enjoy!

    ** NOTE: air poppers will not work for this. A 'Stir-
    Crazy' popper works well - and you don't have to shake
    the pan.

    Have plenty of napkins handy. That orange chilli-flavored
    popcorn will stain your shirt or pants if you wipe your
    fingers on them.

    If you made HOT chilli - you will have very spicy popcorn.
    If you made a milder batch of chilli you will have nicely
    chilli-flavoured popcorn with a moderate bite.

    An Uncle Dirty Dave Original

    Uncle Dirty Dave's Kitchen


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