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    January 15 - National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

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    Title: Strawberry "Ice Cream"
    Categories: Five, Dairy, I scream, Fruits
    Yield: 3 servings

    500 g Greek yoghurt
    300 g Fresh strawberries
    120 g Honey

    Wash your strawberries and add them to a food processor
    and pulse them so you get some blitzed and some that are
    chopped bits. I like the consistency but you can blitz
    fully if you prefer a smoother consistency.

    In the same processor add the tub of Greek yoghurt and
    honey and swirl through. You may wish to start with less
    honey and taste as you go. I prefer it sightly sweeter
    so used more. I didn't mix it fully as I liked a ripple
    effect with the yoghurt and strawberries. Transfer to a
    ceramic dish and cover with cling film and transfer to
    the freezer for approx 4 hours. Stir with a spoon every
    30-40 mins and re cover with cling film.

    Gillie Greener, Cotswolds UK

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