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    Title: Potluck Antipasto Pasta Salad
    Categories: Pasta, Beans, Cheese, Beef, Herbs
    Yield: 18 servings

    16 oz Box penne pasta
    15 oz Can garbanzo beans; rinsed,
    - drained
    1 md Red or green bell pepper;
    - julienned
    2 Plum tomatoes; halved
    - lengthwise, sliced
    1 bn Green onions; sliced
    4 oz Monterey Jack cheese;
    - julienned
    4 oz Mozzarella cheese;
    - julienned
    4 oz Brick or provolone cheese;
    - julienned
    4 oz Thin sliced hard salami;
    - julienned
    3 oz Thin sliced pepperoni
    2 1/4 oz Can sliced ripe olives;
    - drained
    2 tb Minced chives

    MMMMM---------------------BASIL VINAIGRETTE--------------------------
    2/3 c Oil
    1/3 c Red wine vinegar
    3 tb Minced fresh basil
    1 tb Dried basil
    1 cl Garlic; minced
    1/4 ts Salt

    Cook pasta according to package directions; rinse with
    cold water and drain. In a large bowl, combine the
    pasta, beans, vegetables, cheeses, meats, olives and

    In a small bowl, whisk the vinaigrette ingredients. Pour
    over salad; toss to coat. Cover and refrigerate. Toss
    before serving.

    Bernadette Nelson, Arcadia, California

    Makes: 18 servings

    RECIPE FROM: https://www.tasteofhome.com

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