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    Title: Martha Washington Candy
    Categories: Candy, Chocolate, Snacks, Nuts
    Yield: 66 servings

    1 c Butter; softened
    4 c Confectioners' sugar
    14 oz Can sweetened condensed
    - milk
    1 ts Vanilla extract
    3 c Sweetened shredded coconut
    2 c Chopped pecans; toasted
    6 c Semisweet chocolate chips
    1/4 c Shortening

    In a large bowl, beat butter, confectioners' sugar, milk
    and vanilla until blended. Stir in coconut and pecans.
    Divide dough in half; refrigerate, covered, 1 hour.

    Working with half the dough at a time, shape mixture
    into 1" balls; place on waxed paper-lined baking sheets.
    Refrigerate 30 minutes longer.

    In top of a double boiler or a metal bowl over barely
    simmering water, melt chocolate chips and shortening;
    stir until smooth. Dip balls in melted chocolate; allow
    excess to drip off. Return to waxed paper. Top with
    additional coconut if desired. Refrigerate until set.

    TO MAKE AHEAD: Store in an airtight container in the

    Cindi Booger, Ardmore, Alabama

    Makes: about 5 1/2 dozen

    RECIPE FROM: https://www.tasteofhome.com

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