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    Title: Buckeye Candy For St. Nicholas Day
    Categories: Candy, Nuts, Chocolate
    Yield: 6 servings

    1 c Peanut butter
    2 c Powdered sugar
    1/4 lb Salted butter
    1 ts Vanilla
    1 sm Package of chocolate chips
    1 tb Edible wax; opt

    Mix together peanut butter, butter and vanilla.

    Stir in powdered sugar. If using an electric mixer, you
    may need additional powdered sugar. The mixture should
    be firm and when rolled into balls, they shouldn’t stick
    to your hands or fingers when you touch them. Use
    powdered sugar to keep your hands mostly clean.

    If sticky, add more powdered sugar. If it is too firm
    (meaning it cracks when you try and roll it or tastes
    more like sugar and less like peanut butter), add more
    peanut butter.

    Roll peanut butter into balls and refrigerate until

    Use a double boiler to melt chocolate chips, but then
    allow it to cool until it is just at the point where it
    will solidify again. If you do not want to fuss with
    this, you can add edible wax (available at the grocery
    store), which will help the chocolate to harden faster.
    (You only need about 2 tablespoons' worth.) One other
    option is to use a nice chocolate bar, especially a dark
    chocolate and a Hershey's bar, because the wax content
    is so high in Hershey's that it will allow the buckeyes
    to dry fairly fast.

    Using a skewer, you dip the peanut butter balls into the
    chocolate, covering most of the peanut butter. I find
    that tapping off the extra chocolate helps it set

    If the peanut butter falls into the chocolate, it is
    either not cold enough or it needs additional powdered

    Put the dipped candy onto a cold baking pan lined with
    parchment. Once the tray is full, put it in the fridge
    to harden. It is best to keep these cold so they are
    less messy.

    Makes 6 dozen (depending on how big you make the balls)

    RECIPE FROM: https://www.episcopalchurch.org

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