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    Title: Baby Fruitcakes
    Categories: Cakes, Snacks, Desserts, Fruits, Nuts
    Yield: 24 Servings

    3 lg Eggs
    1 c Fine chopped mixed candied
    - fruit
    1/2 c Dried currants
    1/2 c Sweetened, flaked coconut
    1/4 c Pitted, chopped dates
    1 tb Lemon juice
    Grated zest of 1/2 lemon
    1 c Sifted cake flour; divided
    3/4 ts Baking powder
    1/2 ts Salt
    1/2 c Soft, unsalted butter
    1/2 c Sugar
    1 ts Vanilla extract
    1/3 c Pineapple juice
    1 c Pecan halves
    Candied fruit & nuts, to
    - decorate

    MMMMM-------------------------RUM GLAZE------------------------------
    1/4 c Sugar
    1/4 c Pineapple juice
    1 tb Golden rum
    1 ts Lemon juice
    Grated zest of 1/2 lemon

    In England, it's traditional to send fruitcakes to loved
    ones during the holiday season or for welcoming gifts.
    Unfortunately, said fruitcakes usually arrive hardened,
    stale, and are often inedible. Let's bring this tradition to
    America with these cute, fluffy baby fruitcakes from Cakes
    from Scratch in Half the Time that are guaranteed to be
    tasty and fresh!

    Prepare to bake. Arrange a pan of water on the bottom rack
    of the oven. Arrange the top rack in the middle of the oven
    and preheat it to 400ºF. Line 24 standard muffin cups with
    paper liners and spritz them with Baker’s Joy. Place the
    eggs in a bowl of hot, tap water.

    Make the batter. In a medium bowl, stir together the candied
    fruits, currants, coconut, and dates. Sprinkle with the
    lemon juice and zest and stir again. Toss with 1/4 cup of
    the flour. Sift the remaining flour, baking powder, and salt
    onto a piece of wax paper. Cream the butter and sugar in a
    stand mixer until light. Add the eggs, one at a time,
    beating after each addition. Add the flour mixture to the
    butter mixture in thirds, alternately with the vanilla and
    pineapple juice. Fold in the fruit and nuts.

    Bake the cakes. Fill the paper-lined muffin cups almost to
    the top. Bake until a wooden pick comes out clean and the
    cakes are done, 15 to 20 minutes. Remove to a rack and prick
    3 or 4 holes in each cake with a wooden skewer.

    Finish the cakes. While the cakes are baking, make the glaze
    by bringing the sugar, pineapple juice, rum, lemon juice,
    and zest to a boil in a small saucepan. Spoon half the glaze
    over the warm cakes, slowly letting it soak in. Decorate
    with additional candied fruits and nuts.

    Excerpted from Cakes from Scratch in Half the Time by Linda
    West Eckhardt with permission from Chronicle Books

    From: http://www.thenest.com

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