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    Title: Bbq Meat Loaf Minis
    Categories: Five, Beef, Breads, Bbq, Cheese
    Yield: 6 servings

    6 oz Box stuffing mix
    1 c Water
    2 tb Hickory smoke-flavored
    - barbecue sauce
    1 lb Ground beef
    1 c Shredded Cheddar cheese
    Add'l hickory smoke-flavored
    - barbecue sauce; opt

    Set oven @ 375ºF/190ºC.

    In a large bowl, combine stuffing mix, water and 2
    tablespoons barbecue sauce. Add beef; mix lightly but
    thoroughly. Press 1/3 cup mixture into each of 12
    ungreased muffin cups.

    Bake, uncovered, until a thermometer reads 160°, 18-22
    minutes. Sprinkle tops with cheese; bake until cheese is
    melted, 2-4 minutes longer. If desired, serve with
    additional barbecue sauce.

    Linda Call, Falun, Kansas

    Makes: 6 servings

    RECIPE FROM: https://www.tasteofhome.com

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