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    Title: Dirty Dave's Unburger
    Categories: Five, Beef, Cheese, Sandwiches
    Yield: 1 Sandwich

    1/2 lb Ground chuck
    1 sl Round Colby or Longhorn
    - cheese 3/16" thick
    Salt & pepper
    1 6" seeded bun; toasted

    Hand form two burger patties from the chuck. Place the
    cheese on top of a patty and cover with second patty.
    Crimp edges together to form one nice sized hamburger

    Cook on/in very hot griddle/skillet for 90 seconds on
    first side, flip and cook on other side until melted
    cheese begins to ooze from the meat. Season with salt
    and pepper.

    Place on toasted bun and top with whatever condiments
    you desire.

    An Uncle Dirty Dave Recipe

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