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    Title: Frozen Olaf Chocolate Covered Caramel Pears
    Categories: Fruits, Chocolate
    Yield: 8 servings

    8 Pears
    8 Sticks
    1 lb Caramel
    10 oz White chocolate
    Grey gel food dye
    2 oz Orange fondant
    16 Candy eyes
    Piping bag

    Start by washing all the pears, then sticking them with
    caramel apples sticks. (Try not to let them slit, if
    they do the caramel won't stick well, in fact it will
    keep oozing under the caramel and chocolate and cause
    problems later)

    Then melt about 8-10 oz of caramel and dip your clean
    and dry pear into the caramel.

    Give it a good swirl, making sure it's all covered, then
    let it drip a bit.

    Once the largest drips are gone scrap the bottom off.

    Hold it upside down to let it set a bit, then place it
    on parchment paper.

    Do this with all your pears and let cool (Refrigerate
    for a little bit to hold their shape better).

    Do the same thing with the melted white chocolate and
    you can see the head already taking shape!

    Let the pears rest however they wanted, since trying
    to get them all upright is a bit of a struggle.

    Roll out a bunch of fondant noses in your palm to create
    the carrot shape.

    Use some of the melted white chocolate to connect the
    noses to the pears.

    Then add some black gel food dye to turn the chocolate

    Then attach the candy eyes with the grey chocolate.

    Pipe the grey chocolate on as the mouth and eyebrows.

    RECIPE FROM: https://ashleemarie.com

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